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2014 Alfa Romeo Spider

Tuesday, 26 November 2013, 8:24 | Alfa Romeo, Manufacturers | 0 Comment | Read 860 Times
by Paradita Susanto

Inside the week Alfa launches its new 4C sports activities car, what from the subsequent Alfa Romeo Spider? There hasn’t been a car sporting one among open-top motoring’s most evocative sets of badges because the front-drive, Brera-based Spider was took off sale in 2010. It was eventually a dynamic disappointment, and along with production lasting simply four many a long time, seemingly a business one, as well.

Subsequent Alfa Spider, due in 2015, ought to be an totally totally different prospect. The Italian company has brought the daring stage to partner up to its development – and also the excellent news is that the Spider will certainly be spun off subsequent Mazda MX-5, a car that follows inside a line of dynamically exciting roadsters.

Which means the 2015 Spider will certainly be front-engine, rear-drive, and there will be rumours which the remainder of Alfa’s designs can adhere to to produced a absolutely rear-driven vary. Regardless of whether kudos will certainly be lost since the new Spider will certainly be constructed in Japan remains to become noticed, but when platform and elements sharing along with Mazda ups each the Spider’s enjoyable and affordability, this really is surely a issue that may be simply forgiven.

The 2014 Alfa Romeo Spider will take its design inspiration from the 2uettottanta  revealed by Pininfarina at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. However, unlike the 2uettottanta Concept, the production version Spider will have to adopt a more “road-going” design language. This will include the addition of bigger and higher headlamps with LED lights, as opposed to the previously used in the concept. Larger air intakes will also be added, among other things.

As for the engine options, Alfa Romeo may choose to use a four-cylinder turbocharged engine featuring Multi-Air infusion system with direct injection. There are also rumors stating that the next Spider may get a V-6 twin-turbo engine.

The previous Spider has been long criticized for its non-sporty appearance, but the new model will solve that problem, becoming a very serious competitor for models like the BMW Z4  and the Mercedes-Benz SLK  .